Reynolds New York Store: A Family Business


Nestled among the wooded hill country of East Texas, sits the little town of New York.  A town that hasn't had a Post Office since the early 1900's and doesn't even hold claim to the "one blinking light" of most "one horse towns."  What it can lay claim to however is a booming family owned business that has made quality affordable products for over 40 years.

The Reynolds New York Store owned and operated by Dewey and Carolyn Reynolds and their family is a thriving and customer focused feed and fertilizer dealer.  A small store built in the 1930's became the ground floor for a business that would be built by family.  In those days people could come in for a Coca-Cola and make their own change at the register on their way out.  Several generations of family would come to know that small store as a part of home.  Since 1975, when a seventeen year old Dewey bought the business, the Reynolds' family has been focused on providing their customers with high quality products.

Since the 70's the store has seen the addition of a rebuilt feed store, tire shop, fertilizer plant, and feed plant.  They've become one of the largest feed/fertilizer dealers in Texas.  The New York Store mixes most of their feed, taking things like corn chops and soy hull pellets to create an eye appealing livestock feed.  Today they have about 14 commodities they can mix for feed.  The facility is also a full service bag or bulk fertilizer dealer capable of bagging their own fertilizer.

At the New York Store they aren't just business owners, they're ranchers.  Their cattle operation gives them the perspective to understand the needs of their patrons because they also manage a large healthy herd of cattle.

"If it won't work for you, it won't work for anybody else," said Dewey.

The Reynolds are focused on the future and of course, dreaming of a retirement one day.  But family remains as the cornerstone of this business.

"If you don't look and keep going forward you'll go backwards," said Dewey. "There's no sitting still. Think of something unique that somebody else doesn't have and do it.  Works out pretty good."

It's all about family at the New York Store. Their three children were raised in the store and are now a part of the operation.  Now, the grandkids are being raised in the store as well, learning the ins and outs at an early age.

"The customers come in and they love all the kids being in here.  That is what it's about. Family," said Dewey.

The relationship between Reynolds New York Store and First State Bank has also been rewarding and successful.

"If it hadn't been for First State Bank we couldn't have done what we did.  No doubt.  They're always there for us.  It feels like family when you go in.  Everyone there has been great to us.  In time sensitive matters they move quickly when you need it," said Dewey.

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