Man for Steel

  • Kim Hodges
  • Feb 6, 2020


When Jody O’Brien and his wife Liz moved to the area, finding the right material to build their house was challenging. Jody was driving hours out of the way to get the pipe he needed and even then, had to order more parts from a different vendor. On top of that, finding the time to drive and pick up these materials was nearly impossible. Projects like building your home and replacing your fence shouldn’t be challenging, and that is the reason Jody started his company-- to make accessing steel and materials easier for people in his community. O’Brien Steel & Supply is a full-service pipe and steel yard for all your metal needs! From barbwire to structural steel, Jody is your go-to guy. His products include anything from rebar to sheet metal. Also, in his store is multifunctioning fire pits, head-to-toe welding gear, and extra tools you may need for your home projects.



He is known for his involvement in in the Trinity Valley Community College Welding Advisory Committee, where he serves as Chairman. He also supplies incoming students to the program with all their welding supplies, providing them fun and colorful products to brighten up their gear, and tips in preparation for the program. With a variety of welding helmets and caps, customized pancake straps, safety glasses, and gloves, you will be able to weld in style.