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Seasoned automotive professional, Danny Hudson, owner and operator of Napa Auto Parts in Corsicana, brings his stellar customer service and expertise to his new location.  After buying the business in 2009, (originally located on Beaton Street), Danny moved his business to 310 E. 7th Street, Corsicana in March.

Hudson relocated his business to 7th Street, "because traffic downtown was non-existent any longer," he disclosed.  A twenty year veteran with Chevrolet, he holds several prestigious certifications.  He is an ASE Master Tech and a GM Master Tech, so when transferring from a dealership environment to a standalone auto parts business nearly 20 years ago, it was a perfect fit.

Napa Auto Parts in Corsicana brings more options than alternative auto parts stores; he proclaimed: "One thing that sets us apart from others is customer service, and nobody in town brings to the table what I bring as far as knowledge."  The store doesn't just carry your everyday car parts, but offers truck parts, tractor parts, as well as classic car parts.  Restoring classic vehicles is a passion of Danny's.  He has restored some twenty-five cars and is currently working on a '69 Chevrolet Camaro.

Napa Auto Parts, Corsicana employs five people, which includes Danny's wife Verna and son, Blake.  He strives to relate the importance of customer service to his staff.  "You will be greeted when you come in the store," he said.  "Rather than allowing someone to wander around and search for what they are seeking, someone is going to ask what you need help with."

The company delivers parts to the city and surrounding areas when requested.  They have a regular route in place for deliveries.  Danny commented that Napa, Corsicana can handle almost any auto part.  "If we don't have it we can get it."

Danny shared that when first starting this business in 1972, former owner Waydell Connely, gave good advice to him - much of what he knew, but took to heart and put in to practice - when a customer comes in for a part not in stock or regularly carried, tell them you are going to have it back here in short order.  "You will always find the part," Connely told him.  "While I may not make money on the part sometimes, you will gain a customer," Danny expressed. 

Staff at Napa also assist customers with washer fluid, oil, or other small tasks if needed.  The store doesn't display books for part numbers and identification like the big box stores do, because this practice often results in a customer selecting the wrong product.  This type of personalized service is rare in our "Do it yourself" society of which we live today.

Plans for expansion and growth exist organically as well as purposeful.  Napa's new store is actually three buildings combined, and currently there is a "work in progress" area for a section of the store to become an automotive industrial paint facility, identified by red walls and signage.  Prior to Napa Auto moving there, the building housed a beer store, restaurant, and phone company.  After opening two walls the showroom is about 1500 square feet larger than their previous location on Beaton Street.

Inventory continues to arrive to enhance and complete their product offerings on shelves since the move.  Danny remarked Napa Corporate offers planograms to assist with floor plans of retail stores.  Some of which they use, but tailor it to their market.  A grand opening is in the works, but a date has yet been set.

Danny expressed one of his downfalls in this setting is coming from a dealership where customer satisfaction is paramount, you have to watch for what is referred to in this business as "come backs."  These customers are ones where a dealer says a particular part is needed to fix a problem with their vehicle and they come to the store to purchase the part.  "Because of experienced and background I often know this won't fix the problem, so instead of selling them a part I know won't work; I tell them this up front.  "He revealed he may lose money, but in the long run the store will gain a customer.  He tells his staff to treat customers like they were their own mothers.

Danny sincerely expressed he wanted to thank his wife Verna for "Putting up with all of this" for the past three months of him not being home as much as he desired to be during this transition.

Napa Auto Parts of Corsicana hours of operation are as follows:

7:30 am - 8:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 7:30 am - 6:00 pm Sunday

Danny is 'basically' from Corsicana he said.  His family moved to Richland in 1959 when his father, Troy Hudson purchased a local bank.  They moved to Corsicana in 1964 because his dad bought Corsicana National Bank, now Community Bank, which he sold in 1968.

A passion for people and the city of Corsicana, Danny Hudson and family offer down home treatment and quality service at Napa Auto Parts of Corsicana

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