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When you are from a small town, your priorities tend to be with family, and to the owners of Berry Lumber, family encompasses more. It’s community… taking care of the ones who take care of them, and their commitment to do just that, is what makes them so special. Meet the owners: Nancy Berry, her son Kenny, son Gary and his wife Melissa. All have been in the business for over 35 years; Kenny started work with his father Gene in 1977 at what was known as the McKee Lumberyard. After decades of Gene working there, the business went up for sale, and he and his wife Nancy bought it to establish Berry Lumber. Kenny says what’s been amazing working there for so long is that they have 4th generation customers who they’ve watched grow. Small towns are close-knit, and what keeps us strong are business like Berry Lumber who value their community as much as their customers. Gene’s goal for the company when it was established was to provide the community with the building blocks they needed to succeed, and his legacy to take care of those around him still lives on today through his family. Nancy said, “our customers have always been there for us, and the community is so supportive” and that’s why they do what they do.

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Whether you're a pro or taking on a DIY home improvement project for the first time, Berry Lumber is right here in your neighborhood with a friendly staff, expert advice, tools, equipment, and the products you need to get the job done. Whether you’re a contractor with a big project or just looking for a few tools, they have what you need: culverts, roofing, doors, windows, lumber, bulk nails by the pound, concrete, you name it! Visit them at 206 E Royall Blvd or call (903) 489-0532 to find out more.

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